Chimney Balloon - FAQs

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Some of the questions are customers ask us most frequently:

What is it for?

The Chimney Balloon is primarily designed to stop heat loss and draughts from an open fireplace. It has lots of other benefits including reducing external noise, prevent soot and other debris from falling your hearth.

How does it work?

A Chimney Balloon is like an inflatable cushion. Using the handgrip, you put it approximately a foot up the chimney. You them inflate the balloon until it gently grips the internal chimney walls. Close the inflation tap and you’ve stopped your chimney draughts!

It’s simple and easy to remove – just open the inflation tap, the balloon deflates gently and can be easily withdrawn.

Is it safe?

The Chimney Balloon is perfectly safe. There are however two things you need to be aware of when the Chimney Balloon is installed:

  • Lighting a fire
    • If you forget to remove the chimney balloon and light a fire, smoke may enter your room. However the Chimney Balloon will shrink after about 40 seconds and allow smoke and fumes to go up the chimney.
    • The Chimney Balloon is supplied with a little red warning label that you should put in the grate. If you are really concerned you might forget, you may want to tie a small ribbon to the inflation tap!
  • Using fuel burning appliances
    • Carbon monoxide is produced when you use an appliance that burns a fuel such as gas, oil, kerosene, wood, or coal.
    • Although the Chimney Balloon provides small amounts of ventilation through special channels at one end, you should not use such a fuel burning appliance in a room where a Chimney Balloon is installed.
    • This will ensuring that any danger of carbon monoxide building up is reduced.

What material is it made from?

The Chimney Balloon is made form thin, flexible laminated plastic. The outer layer is tough, the inner acts as an air barrier layer, and the inner is a heat-shrink material. The Chimney Balloon is transparent which aids fitting.

Can I get other sizes?

If you have a request for a special size, please contact us at We will do our best to get you the size you require.