Chimney Balloon - Picking the Right Size

Chimney Balloon - Picking the Right Size
So how do you know the correct size Chimney Balloon to use?

Chimneys come in variety of shapes and sizes, but we’ve got a Chimney Balloon for every one. It's really quite easy to find the correct size Chimney Balloon for your chimney!

Chimney Balloons are made for two different types of chimney - unlined flues (the older type) and lined flues (the newer type). First, find out if your chimney has a lined flue or not. A simple rule of thumb is that most houses built after the mid 1960s will have a lined flue. Most houses before the mid 1960s will not. Changes in the building regulations meant that lined flues became the norm.

Knowing which type of chimney you have will help you select the correct type of Chimney Balloon. If you are unsure, click here for more information on the different types of flue.

  • Chimney Balloons for unlined flues are rectangular in shape and come in three different sizes:
    • small
    • medium
    • large
  • Chimney Balloons for lined flues are more circular in shape and come in two sizes:.
    • small
    • medium

If you're not sure, with such a variety of chimneys and constructions, it's best to check. So how do you measure your chimney for a Chimney Balloon?

  • A flexible steel measuring tape is best for measuring your chimney.
  • Measure your chimney about a foot or so up the chimney flue.
  • Check the side-to-side measurement
  • Check the front-to-back measurement
  • Remember that the measurements need only be approximate!
  • Choose the Chimney Balloon that is slightly larger than your chimney.