Features & Benefits

Chimney Balloon - Features & BenefitsThe features and benefits of a chimney balloon

Chimney Balloons offer you numerous benefits. Simply fit the Chimney Balloon and start enjoying the benefits:

  • immediately stop cold chimney draughts
  • eliminate fireplace odours
  • stop external smoke smells
  • reduces heat loss
  • keeps your rooms warmer and cosier!
  • reduces external noise and makes your rooms quieter
  • allows chimney ventilation
  • prevents dirt, soot and dust coming down your chimney
  • saves you money

A Chimney Balloon is reusable all year round - whether keep your rooms warm in winter or keep summer gales at bay! Available in a range of sizes.

Chimney Balloons, or chimney pillows as they are sometimes called, are a DIY product. Installation is simplicity itself! Click here to have a look at a step by step video on how to install your Chimney Balloon.

Click here for details on choosing the correct size & shape chimney balloon.